Beijing Locked Down


Beijing Locked Down

By Editor, Bear Market

On June 12th, Beijing China the 8th largest city in the world with an estimated population in its metro area of 24 million people went into lockdown.

Not because of war.

Or famine.

Or even the cities infamous smog.

But because of a massive new resurgence of “community transmission” cases of coronavirus.

This just 2 months after China said that its “eradicated” coronavirus countrywide.

The new cases of the virus in the Chinese capitol allegedly began in Xinfadi market. Which is one of the largest food markets in China.

On June 12th, 2020, the Chinese Government shut the market down after 36 new cases or the virus were reported in the area.

Allegedly, these were the first new cases of the virus in Beijing in 56 days.

Even though the government shut the market and surrounding areas down quickly it was already too late… New cases of the virus are now being reported outside of Beijing in the close provinces of Liaoning and Hebei.

Chinese Vice Premier Sun Chunlan even went so far as to say to Chinese media that “the risk of the latest outbreak spreading was very high due to the Xinfadi markets dense and highly mobile population.”

An example of the popularity of the market… From May 31st to the date the market closed; more than 200,000 people visited the market.

Because of this, the Chinese enacted “wartime” measures to put the area around the market on a complete lockdown. Even going as far as barring people from entering or leaving the area for necessities like food and medical care.

The government is now delivering these things to residents instead.

As of early Wednesday June 17th, the Chinese reported that there are already 137 positive tests from this new outbreak.

Just 5 days after the initial scare.

Due to the coronaviruses 14-day incubation period this number is sure to rise.

And the lockdown isn’t just for the area in and around the Xinfadi market.

Taxis are ordered to not leave Beijing.

Restaurants in the city are cancelling banquets.

Dozens of neighborhoods around the market are on lockdown.

Schools are shutdown after they planned to reopen on June 22nd.

Libraries, museums, art galleries, and parks in the city are limited to 30% capacity.

Workers in Beijing are encouraged to work from home if they can.

And airport traffic in and out of the city is now cut by 60%.

This means much of the 8th largest city in the world is now locked down again.

All in the hopes of stopping the virus from spreading.

Hopefully for the people of Beijing and the rest of the world they can stop it this time.

If not we’re in for even more major economic pain than we’re already dealing with.

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