Bear Market – May 24

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In today’s Bear Market newsletter, you will find plenty of financial news and economic info…as an investor, do you know what to do next? The future is filled with unknowns as the coronavirus lingers into summer—check out below the two important indexes to watch, as they let investors know what’s coming…that and much more financial news today. 

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Japan Economy

Recession Hits Japan as Economy Plunges: The first quarter of 2020 was hard on Japan has it was for pretty much every nation on earth—and analysts expect a worse outcome in the current quarter. The world’s third largest economy after the U.S. and China shrank an annualized 3.4 percent in the January-March period, following a 7.3 percent contraction in the previous quarter when the national sales tax rose to 10% from 8%. Two straight quarters of contraction is one definition of a recession. SEE MORE DETAILS WHY JAPAN ECONOMY IS GETTING SLAMMED

Stock Market

What Should Investors Do Now with a Future Full of Unknowns? There are two indexes to watch: The Quarantine Index—which is a group of companies poised to profit from lockdown orders (think Amazon, Netflix, GrubHub, Zoom.)—Then there is the Anti-Quarantine Index, which is comprised of companies hardest hit by the pandemic—hotels, airlines, cruise ships, movie theaters, etc. When you graph them both out, the anti-quarantine index is almost a mirror image of the quarantine index: when one falls the other rises. Investors want to look at these two indexes because they reflect information about the expectation of what’s next for the crisis. What should you do next with your money? Sit on the sidelines? SEE CHART OF MARKET WINNERS AND LOSERS IN THIS PANDEMIC

U.S. Economy

Chamber of Commerce Bucks Trump Manufacturing Plans: Last week President Trump announced a multi-million contract with Phlow Corporation, based in Richmond, Virginia, that will return pharmaceutical production to the U.S. The President’s agenda places a high priority on bringing vital industries back to U.S. soil. This doesn’t sit well with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce—they have already released a warning that goes against what Trump wants to do, and instead encourages the nation to continue being interdependent with foreign countries for goods, products and supplies. Chamber of Commerce CEO Tom Donohue said the U.S. must not reshore all of its… READ MORE

Entertainment Industry

Can You Believe It? Drive-In Movie Theaters Are Back in Demand: People need entertainment more than ever to escape the constant array of bad news and boredom life has now during the coronavirus pandemic. These strange times are producing many stranger things…like a renewed popularity in drive-in theaters. Pop-up drive-in movie theaters are appearing in several states including… SEE WHICH STATES ARE EMBRACING DRIVE-IN MOVIE THEATERS

Motorcycle Industry

Ride the Hog Again: Harley Davidson Set to Restart U.S. Production: The iconic motorcycle manufacturer known as Harley Davidson has not produced a new bike for about two months now. However, they have announced a return to production that will begin after Memorial Day weekend. READ MORE

Retail Industry

Macy’s Lost So Much Money—You Won’t Believe the Number When You See It: Bear Market newsletter has been tracking the plight of retail icon Macy’s since the coronavirus pandemic shut down first began. We knew they were getting pummeled financially, however, the actual dollar amounts they have indeed lost are staggering. SEE THE TEN DIGIT NUMBER IN DOLLARS MACY’S LOST IN Q1 (YES, WE SAID TEN DIGIT NUMBER)

Mortgage Industry

These Five States Have the Highest Number of Mortgage Delinquencies: The coronavirus and the economic shutdown it caused has produced many unfortunate results. One of those results is a surge in mortgage delinquencies. Because the spread of COVID-19 has been uneven and focused predominately in certain areas, some states have been harder hit than others in the mortgage data results. Let’s look at THE FIVE HARDEST-HIT MORTGATE DELINQUENCY STATES

Automobile Industry

Shuttered Lordstown Plant Gets Back to Producing Electric Cars with 600 Jobs: Ohio is about to increase their employment count by 600 as Lordstown Motors company is gearing up for a reopening in 2021. 600 jobs will be filled immediately, and thousands more will follow in 2022 for additional all-electric lineups. READ MORE

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